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Los Sueños Project is located on the southern area of the Metropolitan Great San Salvador. The topography presents the hills and gorges typical of the Coastal Chain of El Salvador. Geologically, the mountains are to be characterized as young an unstable. One of the slopes in a nearby site collapsed during the 2001 earthquake taking a toll of some 500 people living in modernly built houses.


The owners of the Project decided not take any risks and commissioned us to take the task to evaluate the possible risks of the site and to design the proper geotechnical solutions to mitigate them. In order to fulfill the owner’s expectative PCK conducted a campaign of   soil boring and laboratory tests to obtain the necessary analysis and design parameters. The analysis was performed in a sequential excavation and construction procedure. Slope models were developed taking into account the different soil layers and their geotechnical values; these models represented each excavation and construction phases.  The analysis was performed using a tenso deformational program which allowed us to foresee the magnitude of the deformations that would take place during the excavation and construction phases.

The adopted solution was a system of active anchors and soil nailing. In order to provide a proper drainage a flow model of the infiltrated rain was developed and drainage trenches were designed to capture infiltrated water before reaching the retained soil masses.

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