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The overpass has three levels; the lower one is dedicated to the outer belt of the Metropolitan Area of Great San Salvador; the intermediate level has a circular geometry and it is destined to serve as an interchange between the Belt and Highway CA3 which interconnects the boroughs of San Salvador and Apopa; the upper level is the overpass connecting San Salvador and Apopa.

The intermediate level structure has an eastern two lane 30m post tensioned four Girders Bridge as well as similar western one.

The overpass has three continuous spans of 30, 30 and 40m totaling a bridge longitude is 100m long as well as four lane causeway.

Etapa de Construcción

Because of the active traffic conditions during the construction phase each postensioned girder had to be prefabricated at a remote distance and transported in segments of 10m each; once in site, they were joined an post tensioned prior to their launching.

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